About Synega

Synega is a global consulting firm offering services within accounting, audit, legal, and management consulting. Through the combination of cutting edge technology and top tier consultants, we are quickly becoming a pioneer within the future of professional services, 100% online.

  • Expanding in 6 countries

  • 1000+ highly satisfied clients

  • In-house cutting edge technology

  • Fully remote team

  • Client-centric consultants


Future oriented professional services

Synega was created during the time the co-founders, Joachim Eidtang and Mathias Raastad run multiple startups in different industries and experienced that the professional services were neither customer-friendly nor future-oriented.

There was a clear lack of technological progression and the need to always choose a consultant close by instead of basing the decision on their expertise area was frustrating. With the last frustration being the highly variable and unpredictability in terms of the invoicing each month, they decided to found Synega. 


Intercept between consultancy and technology

When Synega made the decision to create a remote company, it required good IT systems. Multiple months were spent on finding and incorporating third-party systems that could fit the company.

The problem was that most of the existing systems were made for companies that were rigged more in the traditional way with physical locations, in addition to the fact that it became very challenging to merge together and communicate between 8-10 systems from different third parties.

In order to be able to deliver a great solution, Synega understood that it was necessary to build their own IT solution. This was when Robin Nydahl, Synega’s CTO joined the team. With the technological lead from Robin and the development team, Synega became a client-centric company with amazing consultants and cutting-edge technology. Because Synega is a remote-first company, it is possible to cut expenses and recruit consultants based on their qualifications and not their proximity. 


Global, remote and on the top

There is no doubt that the future includes remote work stretching over an intercultural business world. Synega wants to be at the forefront of shaping this future together with clients and consultants. As an increasing number of persons and companies choose to purchase services online, Synega have a two sided goal for the future:

  1. To offer clients top-quality services, at a low price, from anywhere in the world.
  2. To become the preferred solution for consultants who wants flexibility, freedom, and work with clients all over the world.

Synega will launch new services continuously in the years to come and is constantly looking for service-minded and expert people to join the team. If you want to be part of the journey and offer online services at home and abroad, Synega looks forward to hearing from you.

Our values


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Synega takes consulting into the 21st century and we’re working towards becoming companies’ preferred provider of services, wherever companies may be located. We do this by offering a large selection of excellent services, at great prices, exclusively online.