Assistance from experienced lawyers

We offer specialised lawyers with innovative and transparent pricing models for you and your company


A new way to get legal help

Our lawyers work through digital and online solutions from wherever they want. With the use of innovative proprietary technology and no office costs, you as a customer get the same good quality at a lower price.


Choose between payment per minute, for only £150 per hour, fixed price or subscription.


Choose a service area or explain what you want assistance with.


Sign the agreement electronically and get help.


Legal advice for what you need help with

Our lawyers offer their expertise in the disciplines of employment and HR, start-up and company law, privacy, building & construction and contract law. At Synega, you never have to look for the right lawyer. When ordering on the website, you will be assigned a lawyer who is an expert in the subject area you need help with.


Competence in HR law

Get assistance for employment law processes such as employment, dismissal, business transfer, reorganisation and downsizing. For daily operations, the company must ensure that requirements for HSE, notification, privacy and non-discrimination are met. Regardless of the company’s needs, a lawyer with top legal expertise is ready to assist your company.


Successful project with good advisors

With well-thought-out contracts and good legal advisers, you lay the foundation for a successful project. Get assistance from an experienced and commercially minded lawyer, whether you are a client, contractor, consultant or supplier. Our assistance covers all phases of the project; from entering into a contract, ongoing advice and follow-up during the project, to handling final settlements, negotiations and possible dispute resolution.


Simply good deals

Good agreements are an investment that builds good conditions for the company’s success, and prevents future conflicts. Simplify everyday life and reduce risk. Get help from a commercial lawyer with solid contract law experience.


Is your advertising legal?

Marketing is regulated by law and gives companies both opportunities and limitations. Our lawyer can assist you with various challenges related to, among other things, electronic marketing, social media, price information, competitions, product imitation and copyright.


Legal challenges?

Investigate opportunities and solve legal challenges. Ensure sustainable operation of the company over time. In collaboration with a lawyer, risk can be reduced so that changes can be implemented safely and efficiently. A lawyer can assist your company with everything from company agreements, shareholder agreements and collaboration agreements, to advice on shareholder rights, company decisions, dividends, equity and loans.


Protect your privacy

Secure the company’s valuable data, while maintaining privacy. Get assistance in investigating the opportunities your company have to collect and use data, direct marketing, deletion routines, use of cookies and exchange of data with social media. Take care of statutory requirements for the preparation of necessary privacy statements and routines, consent texts and data processor agreements.


Control of expenses

Our customers should always have full control and predictability on the expense side. Therefore, we offer payment per minute for companies that want the lowest possible price, fixed price for those who value predictability and corporate subscriptions for companies with ongoing needs for legal assistance at a significantly reduced price.


Hand-picked laywers

With us, you will only find lawyers who are specialists in their fields. Ongoing measurements, feedback and assessments ensures that quality is always prioritised. We are constantly looking for innovative, skilled and service-minded lawyers who want flexibility in everyday life.


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Pay for the time spent

With the minute price, you only pay for the minutes you spend, and not per half hour or hour started. Keep track of the time spent in your help center, so there won’t be any surprises by the end of the month.



Start and stop as you wish

If, for some reason, you want to stop the assistance for a while, we have also arranged for it. You can pause the work at any time with the push of a button, via your help center.


You will find answers to many questions in our articles

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Our legal team have the expertise you need

Synega takes consulting into the 21st century and we’re working towards becoming companies’ preferred provider of services, wherever companies may be located. We do this by offering a large selection of excellent services, at great prices, exclusively online.